Welcome to the AQIVA (pronounced Akeeva) website.

We are one of several volunteer “friends of” groups around Cirencester.  Our particular interest is in the complex incorporating the Amphitheatre, Querns Wood, Four (IV) Acre Field, and the Obelisk. Hence the name AQIVA but without the O for obelisk as it didn’t fit very well!

AQIVA Friends was formed in 2012 to help users of the amphitheatre complex keep up to date with what is happening at the site and get involved in making it an even better community space. The site comprises not just the Amphitheatre but also includes Querns Woods, Four Acre Field and the Obelisk.

Working closely with the Town Council, and other partners, our aim is to be involved in the promotion, development and protection of the complex, with a focus on key issues of history, heritage, health, leisure, education and the environment ensuring that it has something to offer for all ages.

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